Go Deeper.

Dive through the shadows and discover your soul power.

Because you’ve already been baptized by fire.
Because you’ve already survived a great something.
Because you want to feel nourished, open + new again.
Because you’re on a path of self-actualization and are being called to a spiritual journey.

Because you keep asking yourself, “Now what?”

Our digital sanctuary is currently being remodeled

I’m underground creating a new, exclusive spiritual home
for women seekers, survivors + soul-searchers.

Ready to be soul powered?

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as soon as the doors reopen.


What I believe:

I believe in angels, ancestors + ascended masters, that tarot can give you insight + tantra will reignite your libido.

I believe in God and devotion and prayer and meditation. And love. (Always love.)

I believe that No. is a complete sentence.

I believe your intuition knows more than your intellect, you just have to trust it.

I believe that the divine feminine is an irreverent, unruly, bravely tender warrior-goddess who fights with heart (and without apology) for what she believes in.

I believe that trauma doesn’t happen in isolation, neither does healing.

I believe in telling the hard truth, even when your voice shakes.

I believe that your struggle is not a life sentence, that your shatter points don’t have to shatter you.

But more than anything, I believe in YOU. 

In your vision and your passion and your dreams and your power.
In your capacity to be who you were born to be, to do what you’re on the planet to do.
In your ability to use your strength and your soul and your grit and your gifts to heal yourself and transform the world.

Kind words from heart sisters


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This is the deep dive you’ve been looking for.

Leave your name + email below to know as soon as doors reopen.